Sports Injuries

At Profection, we love our athletes of all ages. We are athletes too and understand the deep frustration and emotion that comes when pain or injury holds you back.  We are movement specialists that have successfully treated individuals in activities such as running, golf, tennis, Crossfit, weightlifting, martial arts, dance, gymnastics and more. We have also assisted many athletes return to team sports including soccer, football, basketball, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and more. 

Our facility is equipped with 20 yards of turf, Keiser pneumatic resistance, weight lifting racks, a throwing wall, and more to help our athletes maximize their recovery and return to sport safely. Our facility, clinical expertise and personal experience as athletes play a huge role in maximizing each athlete’s ability to keep moving to the next level of performance.

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David Barnes, PT, MSR


David has been practicing physical therapy since 2001 after graduating with his Master’s Degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. He has a biology degree from Francis Marion University. ​ Growing up here in Florence, David has a deeply rooted passion for serving his community. He strongly believes that the patient’s needs come first and his goal is to empower them to take control of their own health. David has worked extensively with patients seeking relief from neck and back pain and has many success stories in the treatment of spine related issues including neck pain, disc disorders, Sacroiliac (SI) dysfunctions, and sciatica. His current interest is incorporating his knowledge of spinal mechanics to improve efficiency of lifting and sport specific rotational power. He enjoys working with athletes in the performance realm to maximize their potential and has particular interest in working with runners and golfers. He is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute.